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Cast Iron Cookware – Selecting the right Baking pans

A great baking pan makes a great baker. With the number of bakeware pieces that are available in the market today, getting the one that would make you the best baker could be challenging. To get the right baking pans that you will use in making your next birthday cake, pie, cookies and baked meals and desserts, there are a number of things to consider. Follow this article to be guided on selecting the right material, shape and size of calphalon pan for your kitchen and for any occasion.


A baking dish is made from glass while baking pans are made from sheet metal. One of the things to consider is the material of baking pans to use. For durability and better heat retention, bakers more fondly use metals. You will rarely see baking glass wares making it on the kitchen of today’s celebrated chefs. When it comes to metal baking dish, traditional home makers invest on cast iron cookware. Aside from durability, cast iron is known to evenly spread heat to the food it contains, resulting to perfectly baked goods and dishes.

Metal and glass are the two common materials used for baking pans. Metal is usually low cost, lightweight, durable and easy to clean up. Glass baking pans are usually used for baking dishes that require a little less of the heat inside the oven, glass reduces the temperature that acts on the food by 25 degrees.


The size and shape of a baking pan tells so much of the quality of baked goods that you will make. Surely, you wanted to make one that is special and no one will forget. To do that, you need to decide on the shape of baking pan to use. Traditionally, you may get a cake pan, cookie sheet, loaf pan or a pie pan. For shaped cake pans, there are the rectangular, square, circular and Bundt baking pans to choose from. Beyond aesthetics, the shape of baking pans has something to do with the size of cake that you will make out of that pan. It determines the volume of batter it can hold as well as the baking time that the cake would require. For instance, using too big of a baking pan may cause the cake to become shallower and less baking time. Using a deeper pan would make a thick cake that takes longer time to cook. To get the right size of the pan to use, consider how many people you are going to cater to. The size of the pan would tell on the yields of the baking product it can hold.


– Choose the ones that are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

– Nonstick features for baking pans ensure perfectly shaped cakes and baked products; however, that would risk feeding your family with Teflon and other toxic materials that were found to be used on nonstick pans. Cast iron cookware may cost a little more than that traditional baking pans but it is great for its chemical-free nonstick features.

– Dark-finished pans or dark pan materials tend to cook food faster than those with light finishes that tends to reflect light and heat away from the pan.

– Consider other features such as handles, weight and other aesthetic features. Some of these features usually make baking pans a little more expensive but easier to use.

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