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Choosing a Baby Crib

There are a various of models out there for the parent-to-be buying baby crib. You might use a cradle for the first six months or so, but after that a crib is really a good place for the baby to sleep. So to find a quality crib that meets the safety regulations and standards is a really good idea.

If you have allergies in the family, or are otherwise aware of toxic substances, maybe you should consider an amish baby crib. The amish baby furniture are free from toxic coloring or impregnators, and also have nice and functional designs. You could easily furniture your whole nursery with amish furniture, because they are so beautiful and have really clever storage systems. You can also handpainted cribs that are popular, but unfortunately a bit costy. But, luckily enough there are cribs in all price categories, so even if you’re on a tight budget or can spend anything you like, you will find something that fits you. Be aware of the safety standards and that the crib meets all the national safety regulations.

Many cribs comes with a mattress. If there’s not a tailored mattress included with the crib, be sure that you buy one that fits the crib neatly. There are two types of mattress and those are inner spring or foam. The innerspring style of mattress will last much longer, and because of that it’s a little bit more costy. A waterproof mattress pad to protect it can be a good thing to have under the sheets as well, be aware the you don’t have anything plastic that the baby will sleep directly on.

See to it that the cradle is a place that your baby will enjoy being in, and a place for it to relax. Place some nice pictures or fabric on the wall above the crib,and have some soft toys and maybe a crib mobile a the crib. When the baby gets bigger and starts to play a bit on its own, you can get a little extra bed time in the morning by placing some interesting things beside the crib, that the baby can reach and play with for a while (place a chair beside the crib to put the toys on). Remember to swap the things regularly, a baby wants to discover new things al the time and gets tired of playing with the same things too long. You can do the same with all the toys. If they start to just laying around, and the baby is not playing with some of them, take those away for awhile. Take them out again after a couple of weeks, and those toys will be as good as new and exciting to play with again!

There are a lot of extras you can get for your baby crib, more or less necessary, the market on baby items are huge. Just remember not to buy yourself crazy before you know what you need. Get stuff along the way, as the baby grows and you can clearly see what it is that you need. That way the baby nursery don’t have to be such an expensive affair.

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Beatrice Stephenson is a freelance writer on health and recreation issues.

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