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Brilliant Butter Warmer & Ladle Set – Fine Stainless Steel Tableware & Servware

  • Adorable Design and Brilliant Reflective Finish
  • Quality 18/8 Stainless Steel and Fine Craftsmanship
  • Dimension: L 19 cm x W 10 cm x H 14.5 cm; Weight 16 oz.
  • Clean, Durable, Elegant, Practical, Low-Maintenance and Eco-Friendly
  • Comes in a Non-Woven Pouch for Protection in Shipment and Storage

Product Description
Enjoy your fresh delicious crabs and lobsters with warm golden butter! You would be pleased with this beautifully crafted butter warmer set. Strong, durable stainless steel and excellent craftsmanship. Adorable design with brilliant reflective finish. Each warmer set comes with a handy ladle and a white tea-light candle. Each piece is shipped in a handy non-woven draw-string pouch. One year limited warranty. Cautions: Warmer can get hot with lighted candles. Keep away from children. Do not leave lighted candle unattended. Combine shipping and save!

Brilliant Butter Warmer & Ladle Set – Fine Stainless Steel Tableware & Servware

One Response to “Brilliant Butter Warmer & Ladle Set – Fine Stainless Steel Tableware & Servware”

  • Brilliant Butter Warmer & Ladle Set – Fine Stainless Steel Tableware & Servware

    I’m a full-time grad student. In my limited living space and budget, I greatly appreciate items which maximize function, durability, and versatility. My warmer arrived in the mail today; and so far it appears to have an acceptable amount of all three; and it is very neat-looking. I bought some supplies today in anticipation of using the warmer for butter and chocolate fondue. I have only so far used the warmer for chocolate fondue. I had never made fondue – as far as I can recall – so I guessed. I knew it had chocolate chips in it, and maybe vanilla and cream. The short story is that I didn’t have vanilla or want cream, so I used balsamic vinegar; but I didn’t stir consistently enough. The b. vinegar caked a bit at the bottom; but cleanup afterward was easy using only hot water and my hands. This was in spite of the fact that I continued burning the candle until I had finished my raspberries. I added some water and stirred, for damage control.


    1. Everything appears to be made of high-quality stainless steel except the disposable candle.

    2. The lid is convenient for faster heating.

    3. The vessel in which the butter would be heated is very solid.

    4. The overall design so far appears to really be brilliant. If you’re making fondue you can leave your stirrer in the warmer with the lid on, because there is a hole for such a tool. You can transfer the warmed fondue or butter to your food either by dipping, using the included ladle, or using the right-handed pour spout. There are three little pillars, around the candle, onto which a perforated metal plate is set; on top of that plate is placed the warming vessel. This allows the user to remove the metal plate for total access to the candle below. However even with the unit fully assembled the candle appears quite accessible to a lighter (I was without a lighter today and had to improvise…). All the while, the candle is set very nicely into the base.

    5. I like the appearance.


    1. The base weighs a small amount. With the vessel detached, the user will have to be ok with handling a piece of metal kitchenware which is not particularly heavy. This is a fair compromise.

    2. The pouring spout is designed for right-handed people. I prefer this to the dual-spout alternative. The designers alienated some left-handed potential buyers, but allowed the right-handed majority to see more beauty in the product. What is left is a product designed with many functions but hardly anything – if anything – extraneous to the intended user. This is a nice alternative to the wal-mart, made-for-everyone, stackable products.


    My impression after my first day of use is that this item is covetable. Consistent with this impression, the item was packaged with care and arrived in perfect condition. I paid a fair price of $25. I will be looking into other items by this brand, Stainlesslux.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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