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Leather Barstools: an Investment to Last a Lifetime

Purchasing leather barstools can be a heavy expense on your wallet, but the payoffs are endless. Leather is a fabric that, when properly cared for, maintains it’s sleek, rich look for decades. Leather barstools can add a rustic accent to a country-styled home, or finish off a sleek, modern décor. Either way, your leather furniture will be with you for years, so here are some excellent tips to help preserve your investment.

Barstools are constantly around liquids, and spills will inevitably happen. However, it’s very important to clean them up right away to avoid leaving a water stain. A slightly damp cloth will do the trick – but make sure it’s completely dry after it’s been cleaned. Regular cleaning, like dusting your stool will help keep its natural sheen and softness. Avoid using any harsh cleaning products that may harm the leather or leaving it weak and prone to tearing. It’s best to stick of a damp cloth or follow the rules from the manufacturer about cleaning.

Sunlight can damage leather and make its color fade away. Keep your stool away from and large windows where direct light can seep in and cause your furniture harm. Rotate your stools so all pieces get equal use, instead of choosing a favorite that will likely fade sooner.

Scratches will definitely happen on the seat of your stool, but are super easy to care for. Anything from buttons to fingernails can cause a snag, but the simplest remedy is a damp cloth. All you have to do is run the cloth over the scratch and it will disappear. Leather is extremely resilient, so unless you’ve caused a huge tear, a light scrubbing with a cloth is all you need to repair it.

Once a year, give your leather barstool a real treat by coating it in a reputable leather treatment. This conditioner will be instantly soaked up by your barstool and will replenish the soft feel and help make it stronger – think of it as vitamins for your leather!

The best tip for maintaining your leather barstool is to start with quality furniture. Cheaply made furniture, even if it is leather, will not have the longevity that a superior product will have. Quality leather is made to withstand spills and scratches and should easily bounce back from most accidents.

When you go to purchase your leather barstools, be sure to do proper research to ensure that the pieces you have in mind are quality, attractive stools that will put that extra emphasis in your home.

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Michelle Laina is a Writer for online furniture distributor Cymax Stores

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