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Explaining The Types Of Baby Cribs

There are many choices available to you when choosing a baby crib. There are several types of baby cribs to pick from. Your particular décor preferences, budget and needs will help determine the type of baby crib that is best for you.


Standard baby cribs are those that you see most often. These are the typical baby crib. There are two types of standard cribs – the single drop side and the double drop side. The single drop side has one side that can be adjusted or dropped down to provide ease of getting to the child. In double drop side cribs both sides can be dropped down.

This may be helpful in a room where the crib is free-standing. In many cases the crib is placed with one side against the wall and therefore you may only need one side to be able to be dropped down.


Convertible cribs start out as a baby crib and can later be converted into a toddler bed, daybed or full size bed. The convertible bed can be more expensive but it is often able to be used as the child grows. The head and foot ends may be used as a headboard and footboard with the addition of a simple kit which can be purchased where you bought your crib.

The convertible crib is a wonderful way to save the additional expense of purchasing larger sized furniture when needed. A disadvantage is that you may want to change the décor as the child gets older. To avoid that problem choose a wooden or metal crib that can go with many types of décor styles in the future.


Canopy cribs have four posts at the corners to hold a canopy frame. You can then place canopy fabric onto the frame to form a canopy. Canopy cribs provide an elegant setting for the baby. They are also functional as you can provide a somewhat secure environment to protect the baby using the canopy as a partial enclosure. You can purchase pre-made canopy tops in specific designs or can make your own using the fabric of your choice.

Diligence should be used when providing a canopy crib for your infant. Excess fabric can be pulled by the child and may become a safety hazard. To ensure the safety of your baby always make sure that the canopy material and hardware are kept out of reach of the baby.


Round cribs are a popular new option. Round cribs are comfortable for the baby because they can sleep in any position. They are also easily accessed by the parents. The round crib typically has a drop side. These can be very cute infant cribs. One drawback is finding affordable bedding to fit on the round mattress. This bedding is also not available in many patterns or colors. An option would be to sew your own bedding to make it more affordable.

There are other types of cribs but these are the most popular.

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