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Choosing Tableware for your Restaurant

FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT: Much of the valuable first impressions that diners get about your establishment comes from your food presentation style and tabletop settings. Food presentation is key to the operational concept. Tableware anchors the aesthetics of the presentation and becomes the canvas for stylish dishes. The dining experience is more than just eating; it is a visual experience as well. The style of presentation and choice of tableware contributes to overall perception of the meals and your entire establishment.

 SIZES AND SHAPES: There are ways to create a personality for your table that help you stand out with the variety of new shapes and sizes available. Adding extra touches in the various pieces you use can liven up the presentation. Using unique shapes can take your establishment to the next level. Even the simple square shape can inspire the chef as it provides a lot of space for the imagination, and room for varied creativity.

 COLOUR: White plates are always in vogue with chefs. They provide a clean bright canvas to present beautiful food without distracting from it. Colours and patterns may go out of fashion, but white is always classic and sophisticated. With white, your pieces are almost guaranteed to never go out of style and will always be in stock. In this sense, white is very economical because it is easier to replace when breaks occur. Colour can be used however – but consider using colour and decorative items mainly for unique show pieces or special seasonal dishes, instead of heavy use.

 USAGE: For tableware that gets heavily used throughout the day, certain shapes and durable commercial materials are best to avoid breaks, chips and scratches. Classic round shapes and shapes with reinforced edges usually have least breakage, while other shapes, particulary unique shapes and pieces that don’t easily stack may be more prone to chipping and damage. Pieces that have uneven sides or delicate forms may be more suited for special presentation or showpieces rather than for heavy use.

 ADAPTABILITY: When considering shapes and sizes of tableware, look also for pieces that possess the adaptability for presenting different menu items. Not only does this provide creative ways of presenting dishes, it is also very economical. Pasta bowls can also be used as salad bowls, martini glasses can be used traditionally or for more creative presentation of entrees and side dishes. Investing in good tableware is important so it is always best to make an intelligent and adaptable buy.



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