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Comparison of Cast Iron and Copper Cookware

An experienced cook who knows his way around the kitchen knows that the saying “a workman is only as good as his tools” goes for kitchen work as well. I have a secret weapon – CooksPlus is an online and brick and mortar store that specializes in everything to do with the kitchen – kitchenware, bakeware, small kitchen appliances, cutlery, and just about anything else you can think about. CooksPlus features all of the big brand names, and only the very best quality products.

I’m all about high quality products, because I figured out a long time ago that it’s worth the money to invest in high quality, and brand name items. It’s also worth the time to do some research. For example, why is cast iron (including enameled cast iron) better for some things, and copper for others? How are you going to decide if you need a cast iron cookware item, or a copper cookware item, or whether you may need both? Something to think about and hopefully this article can help.

Both copper and cast iron cookware are known for good heat conduction, which is a very important feature to consider when making this choice. But the heat conductivity of copper is different from this property in cast iron cookware. Copper pans respond a lot to heat change, whereas cast iron pots and pans don’t change heat so quickly. What this means is that copper cookware will heat and cool very quickly, but cast iron cookware takes a while to heat up, and then holds on to the heat for a long time. With an iron pot or pan you can even turn the temperature way down, and the pot will keep cooking the food for you for a long time. The result of this difference between copper cookware and cast iron cookware boils down to this question: Do you need that feature of variable heat cooking? This is the key point makes copper cookware the logical choice, if it’s a feature you need. On the other hand, copper is more expensive than cast iron. So if you don’t really care about fast changes, stick to the iron pots and pans.

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