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Time-honored Cookware Brands

Great kitchenware can last a lifetime. Some of the best brand names in the industry have been around for many decades, imparting a sense of tradition and security to those who use these items. features all the major brands of kitchenware, including cookware, bake ware, cutlery, and much more. Here are just a few examples:

Bialetti, the Italian brand name behind the now famous Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Coffee brewer, is an excellent example. This brand name first came into being in 1919 and by 1933 had become a leading Italian manufacturer of coffee makers after introducing its revolutionary stovetop aluminum coffee brewer. Not one to rest on its laurels, Bialetti Industries has been diversifying and broadening its production range and producing high quality items that combine the taste of tradition with modern age requirements. Today, the Bialetti brand name is found on quality cookware, stovetop espresso makers, cappuccino makers, electric espresso makers, espresso maker gaskets, espresso maker parts and more.

Le Creuset is another brand name with a long and honorable tradition for producing fine cookware. French chefs have favored Le Creuset products for decades, and the brand dates back to 1925. This brand name is synonymous with perfect enameled cast iron cookware. Items are made of molten steel and cast in a unique mold before being expertly enameled. The result is cast iron cookware that distributes heat evenly, while browning and caramelizing food to perfection. Although Le Creuset products were exported from France as early as 1952, “Le Creuset of America Inc” was created in South Carolina in 1974, marking the beginning of internationalization of the brand name. Le Creuset’s continued success stems from its incessant innovation. It launched the Multifunction Cocotte to promote steaming food in the 1980s and introduced the Vitrobase to make Le Creuset cookware more suitable to ceramic hobs. The brand has diversified its production in recent years: enamel on steel kettles in 1995, silicone spatulas in 1997, a textile range in 1999, stoneware bake ware in 2001, silicone bake ware and stainless steel cookware in 2002 and Toughened Non-Stick frying pans in 2008.

A famous brand name traditionally associated with cookware is Staub. Easily recognizable by its unique in its design, Staub cookware products have black matte enamel coatings that are highly chip-resistant, and first quality cast iron cookware with special ceramic bottoms for use on all types of stoves. Staub is a top leader in culinary cast iron production in France.

Closer to home, All-Clad is an American quality cookware brand name famous for its three-ply professional-quality bonded cookware. All- Clad stainless cookware products are manufactured in the U.S. using American crafts-men and metals. All-Clad cookware is made of metals formulated for optimal cooking performance, the brand’s signature stay-cool handle is cast from solid stainless steel and rivets are formed from high-yield-strength stainless steel.  The brand’s stainless steel cookware collection is suitable for use on traditional as well as induction cook tops.

Nordic Ware, well known for introducing the aluminum Bundt cake pan in the U.S., has an extensive line of quality cookware, bake ware, microwave and barbecue products and is a very popular cookware brand.

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