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What is the best brand of kitchen utensils/gadgets/pans?

I will soon be a first-time home buyer and am trying to decide on kitchen utensils/pots and pans/gadgets, etc. but am overwhelmed with the many brands out there. Is stainless steel worth the money? I would like to know the best brand that can pretty much provide me with all the kitchen essentials I would need…Cephalon? OXO?

3 Responses to “What is the best brand of kitchen utensils/gadgets/pans?”

  • linda l:

    The home shopping network QVC has excellent pots and pans and the prices are right. They also have a really good no questions asked return policy but I doubt if many people use it for their cookware. The Cooks Essential’s line of cookware is stainless steel and you can choose non-stick finish or solid stainless. The Technique brand is hard-anodized aluminum (I have this set) and it comes in many color choices, is very durable and makes cooking much more enjoyable. You can check out their website anytime. QVC also has more gadgets than most people would want.

  • Taeho:

    Here’s a specialized site with the products you’re looking for, divided into sections:

    By Brands:

    By Product Type (e.g. pots & pans, appliances, etc.):

  • Michael:

    I would recommend Chef’s Secret(R).

    My wife bought all kitchen utensils/gadgets/pans … at and she always choose Chef’s Secret’s products lol


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