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Ruby Red Glass Tableware for the Holidays

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year to add new vibrancy to your table with Ruby Red glass tableware. The production of red glass dates back to the Romans in the 4th century (AD) and is considered quite unique because it requires gold to produce the beautiful color. Although ruby red glass has always been popular, the process for producing this color was not “rediscovered” until the 17th century. Today, red glass production has been cut back by most companies due to the expense involved.


Red glass tableware is available in a variety of items including pitchers and glassware sets, serving dishes, salt cellars, serving platters, dinner plates and cake plates. Whether you are just starting your collection or adding to an existing set, ruby red glassware can be mixed and matched with other colors and patterns. Create a beautiful and dramatic presentation for any dessert by serving it on a ruby red cake plate or accent side dishes with a unique serving dish. By introducing new glassware into your tableware collection you can create a very unique holiday table


When choosing new glassware for your home it is important to remember a few simple steps. First, check for “true colored” glass, this means that the color has been added directly into the glass with minerals and will not fade or chip off over time. Second, take care of your glass with proper storage and cleaning. Avoid chips and breaks by keeping your glass tableware collection stored on a level surface or carefully wrapped when stored in boxes. Avoid transferring any glassware from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures (and vice versa) because this can lead to breaks as well. Finally, not all glassware is dishwasher or microwave safe so if you are unsure, ask.

Creating a beautiful holiday (and all year) tableware collection is a wonderful and unique way to create a beautiful display for your table. Ruby red glass is especially nice because it stands out on most tables and accents main courses, side dishes and desserts beautifully. LookInTheAttic & Company has a wide selection of ruby red (and other colors) glassware that will make your table beautiful this holiday season. 

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