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Baby Clothes 101: Needs and Proper Care

If you are a first time parent, there are many needs that must be accomplished before your baby’s arrival. One important, and fun job, is purchasing baby clothing. However, with such a large selection of baby clothes, you may be asking yourself which of these adorable little items are required.


“Onesies” are basically baby t-shirts and are a necessary baby clothing purchase. To keep the onesie from creeping up and exposing your baby’s belly, most onesies have snaps in the crotch. They can be worn alone or as an undergarment. Onesies, also known as rompers, come in basic white, colored or patterned varieties. For your basics, you should have between 5 to 10 onesies.


Sleepers are one-piece items with long legs and long or short sleeves. They usually have snaps down the legs for easy accessibility for late night diaper changes.

When preparing your basics, you should have between 5 to 8 baby sleepers. These are necessary as it is recommended that a newborn not sleep with thick blankets. This could inadvertently cause suffocation. The best material for both your baby’s warmth and comfort are cotton or fleece sleepers.

Baby Socks

For your baby’s requirements, you should purchase between 6 to 8 pairs of baby socks. Although socks are not required in warmer weather, they should be worn if taking your little one outside in chilly temperatures. They are also indispensable at night if your baby is wearing a sleeper without feet.

Baby socks are made of either thick or thin weaves. You should purchase a combination of both, as thin socks are better if your baby is to wear shoes.


Hats are baby clothing essentials for your little bundle. When taking care of your newborn, it is important to keep them adequately warm. Newborns often have difficulty regulating their body temperature and much of their heat escapes through their head.

It is recommended that your newborn wear a hat through his or her first month of life. After that, it is not as crucial unless you are taking them outside on a chilly or cold day. For this purpose, you should have 1 or 2 fairly snug, hats for your baby.

Proper Care for Baby Clothing

When caring for baby clothing, there are two schools of thought. The first is that your little bundle of joy’s clothes should be washed in special detergents to alleviate the risk of skin allergies. There are a few varieties of mild laundry soaps that are scent and dye-free. Many of these detergents are aimed at the baby market, such as Dreft that boasts “A gentle clean. Just for baby”.

The other school of thought does not believe that “gentle” laundry soaps are required for baby clothing. If your baby’s skin does not react adversely to certain detergents, then a special detergent is not necessary.

Stain Removal

Your bundle of pink or blue will not think twice about staining their cutest outfits. Certain formulas, baby food and stains caused by leaking diapers are often difficult to remove from baby clothing. If pretreated before washing, some of the most stubborn stains can be eliminated, leaving the clothing both clean and in pristine condition. One tried and true stain remover is Oxi-Clean. You may want to “audition” or try different stain removers to find the one best suited for your laundry needs.

Wash New Clothes Before Wear

Before dressing your baby in new clothes, it is essential that you wash them first. Although baby clothing may look fresh and clean on department store hangers, many have come into contact with dirt, little four legged creatures and bugs during the shipping and packaging process.

Minor skin irritations may also result from sizing placed on many pieces of baby clothing. Sizing is used to keep items looking nice until they are purchased.

Getting prepared for your little one’s new arrival is both a joyous and stressful time. Knowing what baby clothing is essential in your little one’s layette and how to properly care for their clothing is one of the many tasks that lay before you. Knowledge is power and being prepared is half the battle. is A baby clothes store in Auckland, New Zealand. Our email newsletter subcribers get first pick on our special offers, plus you’ll get great exclusive VIP specials and FR.EE gifts too!!

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