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Small Baby Beds : Types and Advantages

When your little one first enters this world, kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs, he won’t be too happy about all the fresh air and bright light. After nine months tucked up in the womb close to your heartbeat, this place is bound to be a little intimidating. He’ll be looking to you to give him that comfy secure feeling again.

Conventional baby beds look so big and cold, so what do you do? Make use of a small baby bed – a home away from home for baby.

Types Of Small Baby Beds

Baby Bassinets

Baby bassinets are the perfect place to rest your baby while you sleep. Like baskets on a stand, baby bassinets usually have a hood and are decorated in the most beautiful, frilly fabrics imaginable. Perfect for your precious little prince or princess.

Baby Moses Baskets

Baby moses baskets are exactly what they imply – a small woven basket usually lined with pretty fabric. Most have handles for carrying from place to place and some have the added benefit of a hood and a stand.

As an added bonus, moses baskets are small enough to be placed in your baby crib to help in the transition from a small baby bed to the real thing – a big deal for your baby!

Baby Cradles

Baby cradles are basically tiny cribs on a rocker. They are made of wood or iron so are heavier than baby bassinets and moses baskets, making them less portable. They are often passed on as heirlooms and are a wonderful traditional baby furniture item.


Also known as a bedside crib, this is a crib that attaches to the side of an adult bed. It allows your baby to remain close to you at night without actually being in your bed. Baby has the benefits of sleeping near you, without the risk of you rolling over on him or her.

Resembling a standard crib with one of the side rails removed, the open side is placed next to the adult bed, with the bedside mattress and adult bed mattress at the same level.

Amby Beds

The Amby baby hammock is a bed with a womb-like design. It provides baby with the natural elements of closeness and motion experienced during the nine months of pregnancy.

The hammock hangs on a spring. Every time baby stirs or moves in his sleep the bed is set in motion with a gentle up and down, side to side and back and forth movement. Exactly the same movement that your baby feels while cushioned in the amniotic fluid of the womb.

Author Helen Burroughs is stay at home mom to three precious little girls. Visit her website below for more information on baby bassinets and other small baby beds, as well as advice on how to create a beautiful baby nursery.

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