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The Advantages of Tall Barstools

How to Determine the Right Height of Barstools at Home

Height is a key factor in working out the right height of your barstools so that you and your guests are at a comfortable level and posture when seated at your home bar or kitchen table.

For example, taking into account the fact that any typical bar stool is about 29″ to 31″ tall from floor to its seat, you may have situations where you’d need tall barstools at home. Before shopping, you should know what your requirements in terms of barstool height are. What this also means is that a bar stool of standard size would go well with a 41″ to 43″ tall table. On other hand, for shorter tables, a chair or counter stool may be a better fit. Measure the height of your table so that you buy the barstools of the right height. However, there may be specific places or situations where you would need tall barstools at home because standard size barstools prove to be inadequate.

In fact, tall bar stools are gaining popularity, and the need for taller seats is being felt more and more for accessing higher counters and tables in new homes. There are several instances when you may require extra tall barstools.

Situations that Require Tall Bar Stools at Home

1. Traditionally, you should allow around 8 to 12″ of space from the seat top to underside of the table to let room for individuals of all heights and sizes to be seated comfortably. However, if your tables are higher than standard size then it becomes hard to reach food & beverages. That’s exactly where tall barstools will help!

2. Many people now work on their laptops while seated at their counters. For this, they need to get a taller armless barstool that lets them to hang your arms slightly lower. This allows them to get a bit further away from the keyboard and ease tension in forearms.

3. One needs to pay attention to the needs of taller people as well. For a person 6 foot 3″ or taller, the standard height stools (30″) can be uncomfortable for their posture. Here too, the tall barstools come in handy, as they will let the taller people be seated comfortably; their feet well placed on the foot rail.

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