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Does Cutlery Really Make a Difference to the Enjoyment of a Meal?

There is an argument that the use of cutlery or the type of cutlery makes no difference to the enjoyment of a meal. For example, there are many meals when no cutlery is needed, such as a picnic and many people enjoy eating food with their hands. Furthermore, what does it matter if you have a variety of cutlery types rather than a single type if the food you have cooked is delicious – what you use to put the food in your mouth is irrelevant when it tastes good.

However, there is a strong argument that cutlery can make a significant difference to the enjoyment of a meal. Firstly, how the table is set. If you have matching dinnerware and matching cutlery, the table automatically feels more inviting, rather than looking like a disjointed mess. Secondly, the weight and feel of the cutlery makes the anticipation of cutting into your food that much more enjoyable and thirdly the quality of the cutlery is important too. Is the knife able to cut through the meat, can you prong your food easily with a fork and does its shape make for easy eating. Are the soup and dessert spoons have the right depth for easy scooping. All these attributes of cutlery make a meal more enjoyable.

So, what type of cutlery should you buy?

The first point of consideration is the ‘usage’. Are you looking for a high quality set which you will use when entertaining or are you looking for everyday cutlery which will need to be robust and dishwasher safe. If you are looking to buy for when you are entertaining make sure you buy a large enough set or cutlery canteen so that all your guests have the same type cutlery. For aesthetic reasons, it is beneficial that it comes with matching serving spoons. The quality of the cutlery is up to you, depending upon your tastes and budget. However, if you are not buying silver, a good set of 18/10 stainless steel has an excellent feel to it. It is also sensible to buy a canteen so that your best cutlery can be easily stored.

Everyday cutlery can be 18/10, 18/8 or 18/0 stainless steel, with 18/10 being the best quality. It will need to be robust as it will be clattered about in a drawer, dishwasher or sink as well as being used often.

The styles are again up to you. Some people like the traditional designs, such as Dubarry, Kings and Rattail but there are great sleek and modern designs too. Most cutlery manufacturers, including Viners cutlery, Royal Doulton, Stellar, Judge and Arthur Price have a selection of both contemporary and traditional cutlery to choose from.

Finally, when choosing the size of cutlery set or canteen, this is a useful guide 24 piece sets tend to come with 6 Table Knives, 6 Table Forks, 6 Dessert Spoons and 6 Teaspoons 44 piece sets tend to come with 6 Table Knives, 6 Table Forks, 6 Soup Spoons, 6 Teaspoons, 6 Dessert Knives, 6 Dessert Spoons and 2 Serving Spoons 58 piece sets tend to come with 8 Table Knives, 8 Table Forks, 8 Soup Spoons, 8 Teaspoons, 8 Dessert Knives, 8 Dessert Spoons and 2 Serving Spoons.


There are many kinds of Kitchen Gadgets in Blueshoots which make the cooking an efficient and less time consuming task. Cutlery Articles can make a significant difference to the enjoyment of a meal.

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