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Silicone Cookware Utensils – Why Silicon Utensils Are A Great Choose For Your Kitchen

Silicone cooking utensils are becoming more and more popular these days. I was in my favorite gourmet cookware store and they had a pretty good display of silicone cookware and utensils.

It just so happens that I was looking to replace an old basting brush that I had. I have never had any luck with basting brushes no matter what they were made of. I have used natural bristle brushes and nylon, they never seem to hold up well or last very long.    

I decided to pick up a silicone basting brush while I was there. One of the advantages that I immediately picked up on about this cooking utensil is it appeared to be quite flexible and there is no need to worry about bristles shedding or fraying. Also they work well with non-stick cookware because they are soft and flexible and will not damage the non-stick surface. They will work well with traditional cookware sets also.

The next day I threw some ribs on the grill and decided to try out this new silicone brush. Well let me tell you, this basting brush really worked well. It held the BBQ sauce that I was using to baste the ribs better than any other traditional brush I have ever used. It is also dishwasher safe and cleaned up well in the dishwasher.

This gourmet cookware store also had a pretty good selection of silicon bakeware and other cookware. Now I don’t know if this type of cookware is right for all kitchen uses but it is definitely worth looking at and evaluating it on a case by case basis.

Since I was pleased at the way this simple basting brush worked I will definitly be looking at other silicone utensils like spatulas spoons and other cookware.

What I have learned about silicone cookware is that it is not totally a non stick cookware. Some manufacturers of this type of cookware and bakeware still recommend that you grease or lightly flour it before using it.

Some advantages of silicon cookware utensils and bakware are that they are stain resistent,dishwasher safe, will not retain odors or flavors and cools down quickly.

You can find out more about silicon cookware,bakware and silicon cooking utensils here. Or visit a web site dedicated to all types of cookware including gourmet cookware.

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