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Things to Remember while buying a Baby Crib Bedding


Upon buying a baby crib, it is more likely for you to buy a bedding set to complete everything. In most of the stores, you will often find four up to six pieces of crib bedding which are all included in one set, but is it really necessary to buy all the included items?

Use Sheets

All parents are becoming very sensitive when it comes to their child’s safety. Being over protective is not bad unless it’s reasonable. For instance, when it comes to crib safety, some parents prefer to buy and use bumper pads and comforter. These parents should know that pediatricians always recommend to use less sheets or just actually bare crib bedding. Crib sheets are better to be bought first than those expensive unnecessary accessories. Choose high quality and comfortable crib sheets that can possibly resist all types of leaks. Although those bumper pads and comforter offer safety and security as expected, they could cause accidents especially when babies are left alone. Comforter may lead into suffocation while bumper pad cords, if left unsecured, may get the baby entangled. If there’s no available comforter then swaddling blankets and baby sacks will do to protect your baby from being too cold.

Swaddling Blankets and Baby Sacks

Baby sacks are just like sleeping bags, those with head and arm holes. A normal blanket will not be able to hold a baby that squirms out, unlike baby sacks. Baby’s movements are now more controllable when wrapped with a baby sack. Swaddling blankets are advisable especially for those new born infants because it gives soothing and comforting features which also help them to sleep better just like a womb’s snugness. You can find products in the market that offers safety features for your little ones. There are swaddling blankets that come with fasteners and are adjustable to give babies a better fit and get more secured. If you can afford to buy a comforter to match your nursery’s decor then go for it. Comforters are useful especially during winter. You can use it to wrap your baby while getting him or her asleep in your arms or if you would to go anywhere. Always remember that a comforter must not left in the crib together with your baby or else it will cause accident. Use a blanket instead if you don’t want your baby touch the crib’s foot.

Risk of Sleep Positioner

Crib bedding product comes another of its type – the sleep positioner. This product is a foam wedge at each side to prevent your baby from moving too much but many people proved that it only increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) because the baby’s position will end up on his or her tummy. Soft bedding in the crib, such as a sleep positioner, are discouraged to be used by the mixed customer reviews and reports. Beware of these products that are not yet sufficiently tested for safety and can also cause difficulty of your baby’s normal breathing.

More Items

Crib bedding sets also comes with other items. They usually consist of a diaper stacker and a valance, which are known as items that basically give additional decor of your nursery than offering its real practical purpose. Most crib bedding set has its decorative appearance and features that parents would certainly tempt to buy. Experts say that parents should be aware of leaving anything soft and cushioned inside the crib because baby’s air passages are tend to close and this will cause suffocation. So think carefully and always remember these important things when buying crib bedding products. Make sure that you will only buy those necessary and proven safe items.


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