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Luxury Baby Bedding and Baby Furniture to Match Your Baby’s Style

Many parents only have a vague idea of all of the baby gear they’ll need for their baby. The basics include a car seat (assuming you have a vehicle), a stroller (unless you plan to wear your baby in a wrap, and even then most babies are too heavy to wear by the time they are a year old), an infant seat or high chair (somewhere to place your baby for feeding time and snack time), and a place to sleep. Depending on the parent you speak with, you’ll find that there are many different options for what a baby should sleep in. You have your standard crib, a playpen (often referred to as a Pack ‘n Play, which is actually the name of Graco’s playpen and not a synonym for playpen or activity yard), bassinets, Moses baskets (these are only appropriate for babies who are not sitting up) and cradles. There are also in-bed and bedside cots for those parents who wish to co-sleep with their babies. These sleeping choices are perfect and convenient solutions for breastfeeding mothers, as they put baby within arm’s reach. Not having to get up and go across the room or down the hall for a hungry baby at two in the morning is always a relief!

Most parents will tell you that the best solution for sleeping is a crib outfitted with luxury baby bedding. A crib grows with your baby, and many convert into toddler beds and even full-sized or queen-sized beds. The crib is the queen of baby furniture, simply because it lasts so long and provides a truly safe haven for your baby. Cribs feature adjustable bottoms and sides. This means that infants can have their crib mattresses raised up so that Mom and Dad don’t have to lean too far into the crib to pick them up or place them down. For babies who are pulling themselves up and young toddlers that are standing, the crib mattress can be dropped to a very low height, so that there is no risk of the child being able to push themselves over the railing and out of the crib.

Once you do select the appropriate Baby Furniture for your child to sleep in, you’ll need to think about baby bedding. Luxury baby bedding is one choice that many new parents, mothers especially, will often make room in their budget to splurge on. This is because baby bedding is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for your baby, as you only need one dust ruffle, one crib bumper and headboard cover, one blanket or quilt and a few different crib sheets. Not only is luxury beautiful, it also feels super soft on your baby’s skin. While Luxury Baby Bedding is often more expensive than standard crib bedding, you’re paying for exceptional style and quality materials that will last with even the most active of babies.

Kimberly Green believes that surrounding your baby with the finest Luxury Baby Bedding and matching Baby Furniture is just another way to cherish your little one and give them an innate sense of style and luxury.

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