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Winsome Wood 24-Inch Square Leg Barstool with Natural Finish, Set of 2

  • Set of 2 square leg barstools offers classic, casual style
  • Crafted of solid beechwood with natural finish
  • Round top and square legs for fun geometry; two sets of rungs act as stabilizers and footrests
  • Fully assembled
  • Available in 24-inch and 29-inch heights

Product Description
Set of 2 Kitchen Stools with Square Legs, Solid Beachwood, Fully Review
With an updated square-leg design, this set of two classic barstools offers clean, casual style and ultimate versatility. Pair the duo with a kitchen island, move them around a hobby table, or tote them outside when the sun calls for a come-one-come-all barbeque feast. Crafted of solid beechwood with a light natural finish, the stools feature flared legs for tip-free steadiness, two sets of staggered rungs all the way around to park one’s feet, and a roomy 13-inch round seat perched on top. They are available in 24-inch and 29-inch heights and come fully assembled. –Kara Karll

Winsome Wood 24-Inch Square Leg Barstool with Natural Finish, Set of 2

3 Responses to “Winsome Wood 24-Inch Square Leg Barstool with Natural Finish, Set of 2”

  • If you want an elegant stool, look elsewhere.

    If you want inexpensive value, this stool may be it.

    I mean, other than finding a used stool at a yard sale or Good Will, these new stools are good value.

    “Made in Thailand” is marked on the underside of the seat, and “Assembled in USA from imported parts”

    Where the wood comes from is unclear, but it is decent wood (very good value, and not bad on elegance), and the final assembly is also very good.

    This stool is sturdy and will probably last a long time.

    But my 1st order, one of the seat seams (4 pieces of wood glued together) had come undone (not shipping damage) or was never glued properly to start with. Not an obvious thing, so easy to miss.

    Buying from Amazon makes replacement easy (no charge other than my time), so I put in a replacement order (holding onto the 1st two stools).

    I give five stars to the two stools that I kept, but four stars for my official rating, for obvious reasons.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • These stools (ordered four) are being used in a Science Lab in a boy’s private school. They matched the original ones we had. They are holding up well and were much less expensive than others on the Web.

    Highly recommend.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • I was looking for a new shop stool as my old one finally could be repaired no more.

    I came across the Winsome Barstool and it was the height I wanted at a reasonable price so I gave it a try.

    They are very solid. They are well made out of heavy wood and finished in a very nice natural finish. I highly recommend them, they have been a perfect fit for me.

    Winsome Wood 24-Inch Square Leg Barstool with Natural Finish, Set of 2
    Rating: 5 / 5

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