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Why Barstools?

The barstool has its origins in the taverns of Europe. These places of celebration were often densely packed; pub owners wanted to maximize their customer capacity, and drinkers didn’t have the same need for space and privacy as formal diners. In taverns, drinkers would sit close together at a long table or bar, socializing informally at their barstools, and occasionally falling off.

The informal tavern tradition later carried over to the bars and late-night diners of America, and later to the home bar set, as the average suburban house grew in size through the 1950s. The use of barstools accompanied these developments, changing in height and styles along the way.

Nowadays, besides being a fixture of home bars, barstools have expanded in use to kitchens, gardens, breakfast nooks and game rooms. They’re now a leading choice for any space-conscious consumer. With their unique historical background and simplicity of design, barstools can be adapted to virtually any home decor. Old-world European tavern stools are still made today, as are 1920s speakeasy stools, futuristic Bauhaus-inspired stools, retro diner stools, ultra-modern plastic and metal combinations, and everything in between.

Aside from the visual appeal and slim width, barstools are often more adaptable than chairs. Barstools typically come in two distinct sizes: counter height (typically 24 inches-26 inches to suit the height of the average kitchen counter) and bar height (typically 28 inches-30 inches). Increasingly popular are adjustable height stools, which do exactly what the name implies, making them perfect for a variety of applications.

A large number of barstools today are constructed from stainless steel, aluminum and plastics, which make them perfect not just for bar and counter use, but garden and patio use as well. Even stools with wooden components often feature weather-resistant epoxy lacquers and durable, polymer-coated framing that will stand up to rain and snow.

Barstools give the modern consumer a great variety of options for style and use. A resident of a small apartment might need a more space-saving option than a set of clunky chairs. An avid gardener might want to turn a flourishing garden or porch into a fun but compact outdoor gathering spot. A homeowner with a small nook might want to relax underneath that perfect skylight sunbeam. Barstools provide excellent solutions in all these scenarios.

On their own, at a counter, or combined with an equally classy pub table, barstools never disappoint. To find out more about these stylish and space-saving furniture options, check out a tremendous variety of barstools at More Barstools, a proud part of the Cymax Stores Inc. online furniture distribution network.

Ron Jordan is a marketing associate for Cymax Stores Inc., a premiere online furniture distribution company.

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