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Go Bananas Over Barstools

They used to be throw-ins, no more than last-minute additions to record rooms and kitchens. When people plan homes, they think in terms of serious furniture – leather couches, tables made of hardwood, and chairs that, by themselves, make great conversational pieces. The barstool, it seems, could not quite transition from its status as portable, temporary seats to serious furniture you include in blueprints. Today, times are changing, and after years of being relegated as ass warmers in smoky taverns and rickety little bistros, barstools are finally seeing action inside homes and restaurants.

Barstool Basics
Barstools are a type of stool that frequently come with a foot rest. Because they’re both tall and narrow, they are perfect for seating people in small, enclosed spaces. They are very versatile pieces of furniture. They can be made of just about anything, although wood and metal are the two most common materials used.

There are no limits to design or functionality when it comes to barstools. Barstools may come with or without armrests, back support, or padding on the seat surface. They can be extra tall or short. They can sport just about any design, from basic wood patterns to extremely intricate whorls and squiggles.

On Tour of Duty Inside Homes
The good thing about barstools is they are very versatile. You can put cart them to any room in your office or house, and they would still fit in.

Kitchen: This remains the most popular place for a barstool. If your kitchen is fitted with a kitchen counter or island, barstools will make the ideal seating arrangement. You may also use barstools for your dining table. In buying barstools for your kitchen, never forget to take measurements. Barstool height should be proportionate to how high your counter top is.

In general, “counter height” stools and tables are 24 to 26 inches high. Table tops, on the other hand, are typically 36 inches high.

If you are buying barstools for your home bar, look for seats that are 30 inches high. Bar table tops are usually 40 to 42 inches high.

Family or Game Room: In family or game rooms, barstools come handy as main or supplementary seating. They’re economical of space, are sturdy, and are easy to move about. Because family or game rooms are frequently hubs of activities and functions, barstools are a great way of ensuring your family members and guests have comfortable chairs to sit on, yet still have plenty of room to move about.

Computer Room:A barstool may be used as a computer chair. This is especially advisable if your computer is located on an elevated desk or sits on a shelf. A barstool could easily give you what the usual computer chairs could not – height. Additionally, you need not worry about straining your back or your arms because there are many barstools with armrests and a back.

With barstools, you can open floor plans, change social habits, and tweak your home’s stale aesthetics. Make barstools an integral part of your design. Not only do they make great seats, they can add just the right amount of drama to your home.

Make the most of your space with barstools! From chrome stools to brown leather bar stools, has a seat waiting for you.

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