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What is the best/easiest product to use for cleaning bakeware?

I’ve an old cookie sheet and several glass baking pans that I’m having a hard time getting the yellow or black baked on stains off after each use. I’ve discovered that spray on Pam and butter leaves alot of these stains, is there any no stick product that won’t leave such a difficult residue when baking?

4 Responses to “What is the best/easiest product to use for cleaning bakeware?”

  • yep:

    Try soap and water.

  • rosabearr:

    Its probably the dish soap your using the cheap brands don’t work well as compare to DAWN. You will need a brisittle brush as well.

  • pebblespro:

    If the cookie sheets are a nonstick material then the stains are here to stay.. Try INSTEAD of using PAM or any other spray use parchment OR invest in some silpats… They are expensive but, so worth the $15 price.. They are glass/silcone baking sheets and everything slides right off.. ! They are reuseable and they cool quickly. You can also roll dough on them and they won’t stick.. Just don’t cut on top of them or they will rip….

    As for glassware get some cheap automatic dishwasher detergent and rub a thin layer on the glass pieces let them soak in hot water/scrub and rinse.. They should be just fine…

    Good luck

  • gaga girl:

    As far as another product, I am not sure. The parchment paper is a good idea, especially for cookies sheets. This paper can be used several times when baking several batches of cookies.

    For glass baking pans, take baking soda and add water to make a paste. Put the paste on a damp cloth and rub over the stain. Let paste sit on stain for about five minutes. Using a damp cloth rub the paste off then rinse with warm water. This is best for newer stains; you may need to this several times for older stains that are black and have been baked on.

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