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The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets Of The New Year

If you are looking for cool kitchen gadgets then this article is here to help. I have been a foodie and a chef for a long time and I cannot help myself when it comes to kitchen gadgets – I have to have them. Over the years I have collected countless potato peelers and kitchen cutlery, but yet I still buy more. So here I am and I am going to take a look at some of the best kitchen gadgets of this year. The Three Best Kitchen Gadgets Of The Year First up is the Two Liter Bottle Pour Thing. You just invited your friends over, the pizza is out, and you are ready for a night of gaming when you go and dump the soda bottle all over the place. Not only have you ruined the game, but you now have no soda as well. Before this most wonderful of kitchen gadgets you had no solution to this problem. This gadget makes it so that you will never have a spill again. Just place the bottle in the Thing and use two fingers to pour the soda. This will save your carpet from being by your kids and friends alike. Next up is the Trapdoor Toaster. Now I must have at least half a dozen toasters in my home, each one better than the one that came before it. How hard can it be to brown bread and while all the gadgets? Well this one gets it right every single time, on top of that there is no digging around to get the toast out or trying to moon shot it up in the air and catch it before it drops back in. When the toast is ready it slides out ready for you to apply butter, absolutely awesome. Last on my list is not really a member of the kitchen gadgets family really, but it is cool and I guess it could be called a gadget even though it does not really “do” anything. The gadget is the Gin and Titonic. An ice tray for all occasions, if those occasions call for a gin and tonic that mocks one of the worst ship disasters in history. But hey, that happened in 1912 and if you cannot laugh about it now when can you? This amazing tray features iceberg and Titanic shaped cubes that you can ram into each other at your leisure. A perfect ice breaker for any party. Well there you have it, my three must have kitchen gadgets for this year, enjoy!

Nupur Das, an ardent writer is a Masters in English.She has many short stories to her credit and now given her attention to article writing.Please visit my blog for more information.

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