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Kitchen gadgets organization?

I had to move into an apartment after divorce and I have no room for my kitchen gadgets, mainly pampered chef/tupperware stuff different types of spoons, cups, measuring cups etc. I don’t have enough drawer space to store these. Any ideas Thanks
Good idea I never thought of those ideas!

2 Responses to “Kitchen gadgets organization?”

  • eskie lover:

    Containerize them in fabric lined wicker baskets. I use some shelves in my pantry to store items that won’t fit in drawers and the wicker baskets “hide” the contents making the shelves look organized.

  • Twisted Fairy:

    I had the same problem after my divorce. I used a large cookie jar, removed the lid and put all of my large spoons, spatulas, pamper chef tongs and utencils in it. Then I found a pretty wide mouth ceramic vase and put in on the stove with all my wooden spoons and forks.

    Another option….I bake a lot and have cookie cutters and chocolate molds and cake decorating tips…I put all of these in a pretty basket and set them on top of the refridgerator. You can’t see what all is in the basket from the floor, but it’s handy and it looks pretty sitting on top and keeps me from putting other things up there!

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