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where can I order white tableware online and have it delivered in Canada?

For examples of style I would like, my favourite set to-date is Hutschenrejther – Hotel pattern, followed by Mikasa “Antique White” and Pfaltzgraff “Providence”. But I’m open to other brands is style is comparable. I need complete sets of 12 servings, but have been unable to find any supplier that delivers to or within Canada. Help!
My preference is to have delivery within Canada vs paying shipping & duty. I have done extensive Google searches and visited the company main pages but have been unable to find a Canadian site that delivers.

3 Responses to “where can I order white tableware online and have it delivered in Canada?”

  • Niceguy:

    Try e-bay or

  • appletech089:

    If you visit the manufacturer’s web site, sometimes they’ll have online store – I’m sure they’ll deliver to Canada. Big companies like Mikasa should definitely ship out goods internationally. To find their web site, visit and type the manufacturer in the search box. There are other stores like Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond. Try and auctions like You may even be lucky if you visit and click on the closest location of where you are. How about typing Pfaltzgraff providence in the Google search box? I was able to find stores and vendors that carries the particular pieces you want. It’s all about doing web search and this is how Google comes to play.

  • ninaluxme:

    try online or ebay or you can try target they have online where you can order and they will deliver

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