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What type of cookware is best to use on a ceramic glass cooktop?

We recently bought a KitchenAid electric ceramic cooktop and need to buy new cookware to prevent scratching.

3 Responses to “What type of cookware is best to use on a ceramic glass cooktop?”

  • cav:

    hmm ive had one for soemtime and i use revell cookware and have no problems. little tip here, this is our second ceramic top stove, the first one we used the fancy cream to keep it clean and polished it and etc, dotn waste your teim or money. i use a utility knife razor blade to scrape teh crap off and water and a rag to clean it and it looks fine

  • vincent s:

    i use glass pots and pans visions cookware but its no longer made i got mine from thrift stores.

  • Lily:

    Smooth, rounded bottom pots and pans. They shouldn’t scratch the surface. Don’t get a knife to the surface for hard to clean places. Place a warm, soapy, wet washcloth over the hard to clean areas. You could probably use an SOS pad, also. Keep it clean and it will last.

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