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The Hidden Killer in our Tableware

Bamboo and wooden tableware

Itself is not toxic,However, it ‘s can easily be contaminated by some microbes,should be washed cleaning when used,Bamboo and wooden utensils coated with paint are harmful to human body.

Paper tableware

There are usally attached plastic to the surface.It is not appropriate to put hot food.

Glass Tableware

Sometimes should “go moldy”,mildew can be washed off with soap and other basic material.

Plastic cutlery

Plastic cutlery containing vinyl chloride carcinogens, and long-term use can induce cancer.

Aluminum tableware

In the human body the excessive accumulation of aluminum,will lead to arteriosclerosis, the elderly osteoporosis, dementia etc. disease.Therefore, we should be mindful not to use metallic scoop to scraping the aluminum pot.In addition it is not appropriate for long-term storage of meals and long-term storage of salt food.

Iron tableware

Rusty iron tableware it is not appropriate to use,Because the rust can cause vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and other symptoms.In addition, we must pay attention to that oil should not be placed long-term on metal containers,Because iron is oxidized easily.

Copper tableware

After the rust will have a “verdigris”, that is carbonated copper and blue alum, are hazardous substances, will cause people in nausea, vomiting, and even lead to severe poisoning accident.

Ceramic tableware

ceramics GLAZE contain plumbum, plumbum is toxic, excessive intake will harm human health.

porcelain enamel tableware

Containing silicate such as lead compounds,If processing is not properly handled will be harmful.To purchase ceramic tableware should be the choice of superb quality products.

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