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Learn How to Make a Small Solar Panel system – Use it to Power an RV or Small Appliances

Learning how to make a small solar panel system can be very helpful in reducing your electricity bill. It will also come in handy for different outdoor activities such as camping or if you like to take regular nature trips away to remote areas.  Even if you are not too much into outdoor activities, you will still find it to be useful in offsetting your electricity bill by powering up one to several household appliances.

Before you set out to make a small solar panel system, you will first have to acquire one of the many do-it-yourself renewable energy guides that are being sold online. These guides are reasonably priced and will instruct you in a step-by-step format on how you can build your own portable solar generator. Most renewable energy guides are often quite easy to follow that even a complete novice will have no trouble at all building their own solar panel system.

To make a small solar panel system there are several components that will be required, which a good do-it-yourself renewable energy guide should be able to instruct you about in full. Some of these components are solar cells, electricity inverter, electrical charge controller and a decent size battery — preferably an auto-battery to store the electricity generated. There are a few more components which will be needed, some of which you are likely to already have around your home.

The complete cost to make a small solar panel system is fairly cheap; particularly the fact that you may be able to find some of the required parts around your home. The other components can be purchased at electrical and hardware stores. Buying all the components should cost you less than $100-200, which is a bargain, when taking into consideration that commercial portable solar panel systems are being sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

When you make a small solar panel system, it won’t be adequate to power your entire home since it is in fact a portable system.  But it will contribute significantly in reducing your electricity bill, as you can use it to power your RV or several different electrical devices in your house such as your TV and your desktop computer. Its compactness will also make it easy to travel with when going camping or to other outdoor destinations.

Learning how to make a small solar panel system by following one of the many do-it-yourself renewable energy guide, will not only help you to cut the cost of your electricity bill, but will also be convenient to travel with and provide you with free electricity whenever you need it.

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