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Four Methods of Effective Disinfection of the Tableware

Tableware is the very significant role in the transmission of food-borne disease.Therefore, we should pay attention to food hygiene, household utensils should also be a special used by person, not mix.guests visit or after the occurrence of infectious diseases, should also be like that.In addition,tableware used by patients and visitors should scrubbing adn placedrespectively.Utensils used by patients should be disinfected after scrubbing.

there are many of home tableware disinfection methods, can be summed up in commonly used are:

1. Boiled disinfection

Boiled tableware is the most reliable results, the most convenient method.Not only simple, cost-effective, but without any odor and any side effects after disinfection .Tableware will be immersed in the water, boil water 10 minutes is enough.If it is used by hepatitis patients ,the tableware should boil the disinfection 10 minutes first, take out and wash clean, then boil 10 to 15 minutes again.Surplus food should be boiled 30 minutes after the throw out.

2. Drug disinfection.

The tableware disinfection can be used for a lot of drugs, we must choose the approval of the text by the health sector.Disinfection according to the proportion of the drug distribution manual,A suitable water immersion tableware,Disinfection soaking time about five minutes.

3. Dishwasher disinfection.

Dishwasher is a cleansing, disinfection integrated machine, convenient and practical.It must be noted that the disinfection must be in strict accordance with the time and temperature in order to ensure the sanitizing effect.

4. Disinfection by disinfection cabinet

DISINFECTOR cabinet with ozone and far infrared and other types.Put tableware to disinfection cabinet,open switch,shutdown after 15 ~ 20 minutes,after cooling it,bacteria and viruses can be removed on the surface of chopsticks and bowls.

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