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Archive for December 2009

Swivel Barstools Can Get You Dates

Imagine yourself watching TV at your favorite pub. You’re certain there’s no truth to those beer commercials. You bought the “right” beer, but there are no bikini-clad women in sight. Just when you think about calling it a night, however, a beautiful woman sashays into the bar. She takes the swivel barstool beside you, and then tries to catch your eye. So, you make your move. You stand up. You pick up the chair and move it 90 degrees towards the goddess. Then, you sit back down. That was a loser move. Your odds of success would have improved with a swivel barstool. Yes, the humble swivel barstool – that seat you barely glance at before you sit on it – can do wonders for your love life! Believe it or not, an inanimate swivel barstool can help improve the social interaction of two people in bars, thus playing a key role in the dating game.

How You Say It In a way, stools can talk. Experts have learned that verbal communication only makes up about 7% of our whole communication. The other 93%, while based a little on how we talk, is mostly anchored on our body language. Objects in our environment, including swivel barstools, contribute to our non-verbal communication. If our back is rigidly pressed up against a stool’s backrest while our arms glued to the armrests, one might think we are bracing ourselves for escape. That, or a fight. But if we lean forward slightly on the stool, with our elbows resting on the armrests and our fingers neatly interlocked, we give off an entirely different message.

A Numbers Game With most communication being non-verbal, it is wise to master it when playing the dating game. A social scientist once conducted an interesting experiment. He sat on a park bench and asked 100 women, all of them complete strangers, for a first date. Ninety-nine of the women said “no,” and the one woman who said “yes” later stood him up.

The Eyes Have It The only way to win the dating game is to know all the rules. Experts have observed that in terms of physical interaction, people always fall in love the same way. In fact, the phenomenon is not specific to any particular nation, locale, or situation. First, two people make eye contact, then one of them gives positive body language to other person. Body language could come in the form of a nod, wave, or “point.” Points can be done with a finger, arm, leg, or inanimate object. After this happens, either of the people approaches the other, entering his or her “personal space.” Eventually, the two people’s bodies directly face each other. This is where the swivel barstool comes in handy. Spinning around aimlessly on the chair could humor Miss Blonde Bombshell or Mr. Right, but it’s also possible it might not. The swivel barstool’s 360 degree range of motion, however, turns an ordinary stool into a “power seat.”

Report and Rapport In dating, this “power seat” swivel barstool functions differently for men and women. Men typically “report” in their communication, while women usually prefer “rapport.” Studies have shown that adult men prefer to communicate with each other side-by-side, as if they were riding in a vehicle. Eye-to-eye contact among male humans and animals is often considered threatening. On the other hand, women prefer to communicate with each other face-to-face, in order to deepen their bond. So, men like to be approached from their side, while women prefer others to be approached from the front. Remember this rule when that special someone on a swivel barstool catches your eye. In dating, swivel barstools are more than seats; they can be accomplices. They even the odds in your favor by making you approachable from any side any time.

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Tramontina: Top of the Line Professional Cutlery Sets

Tramontina is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of houseware and cutlery products. Tramontina products represent a high-level of quality, craftsmanship and reasonable value to its consumers. The company continues to emerge a wide range professional cutlery sets, along with unparalleled efficiency and functionality.

Tramontina USA, Inc is a leading manufacturer of cutlery which was founded over 90 years ago by an Italian immigrant. Tramontina products offer European designs and the finest materials for everyday usage. The Tramontina professional series cutlery is considered as top of the line cutlery sets. Their knives are traditionally designed and are most preferred by chefs worldwide. Their products ensure ease, comfort and maximum performance. Tramontina cutlery blades possess satin finish and are made from high carbon chrome molybdenum steel. These stain-free blades have been hot-dropped forged. Their components are reliable and are solidly joined through the use of the so-called “micro welding technology”. It also provides maximum performance and durability, especially when used under tremendous conditions. Moreover, an advanced ice-hardening process can contribute onto the cutting edge performance and sharpening durability of cutlery products. Each piece of knife is honed to create a long lasting edge and then securing a blocked wood. Its handles are ergonomically designed and molded with nylon injects onto its tang which is around stainless steel rivets. This creates a perfect balance in handling cutting jobs. Then again, the permanent bonding system can intercept any gaps and even discourage the accumulation of bacteria. All cutlery sets are specially formulated in order to meet the hygienic requirements of food processing. Below are some of the professional knife sets. Professional Forged Cutlery o Professional Chef’s Knives • Chef’s Knife 8 in. • Chef’s Knife 6 in. • Chef’s Knife 10 in.

o Professional Paring Knives • Chef’s Paring Knife 4 in. • Paring Knife 3 in. • Peeling Knife 3 in. Professional Series- Forged Stainless Steel Cutlery Block Sets o Tramontina Professional Cutlery 4-Piece Steak Knife Set Price range: $99.95 Set includes: • (4) 5 inches Serrated Steak Knives • Solid Oak Counter Block o Tramontina Professional 5 pc. Knife Set (clear window gift box) Price range: $95-$130 Set includes: • 6 in. boning knife • 10 in. slicer • 4 in. chef’s paring knife • 8 in. carving knife • 8 in. cook’s knife

o Tramontina 5 pc. Cutlery Set with Block TRA-M-400-05 Price: $119 Set Includes: • Solid oak counter block • 6 in. utility knife • 4 in. chef’s paring • 8 in. cook’s knife • 8 in. sharpening steel

o Tramontina 7 pc. Cutlery Set TRA-M-400-07 Price: $199 Set includes: • One Solid Oak Counter Block. • One 4 in. Chef’s Paring • One 6 in. Utility Knife • One 8 in. Cook’s Knife • One 8 in. Carving Knife • One 10 in. Serrated Slicer • One 10 in. Sharpening Steel

Product Dimensions: 8.6 pounds Size: 11.125 by 4.875 by 15.75 in. Warranty: 25 years limited o Tramontina Professional Cutlery 9-Piece Block Set Price range: $209- $249 Set includes: • 4 in. Chef’s Paring Knife • 6 in. Utility Knife • 6 in. Boning Knife • 8 in. Carving Knife • 10 in. Serrated Slicer • 10 in. Sharpening Steel • 8 in. Chef’s Knife • Solid Oak Counter Block • Kitchen Shears

o Tramontina Colorado Professional 13 pc. Cutlery Set TRA-80019-06 Price: $59.95 Features: § Attractive red polywood handle § Dishwasher safe § Precise grinding technique – double edge serration § Heavy-gauge § Special mirror finish § Break proof § Resistant to food acid § Have a full taper ground

Set includes: • six 5 in. steak knives • 3 in. paring knife • 8 in. roast slicer • six 5 in. steak knives • 8 in. cook’s knife • 6 in. utility knife • 8 in. sharpening steel • 6 in. boning knife • Kitchen shears • Hardwood counter block

o Tramontina Professional 15 pc. Cutlery Set TRA-M-400-15 Price: $329.95 Set includes: • Six 5 in. Steak Knives • One 6 in. Boning Knife • One 4 in. Chef’s Paring Knife • Six 5 in. Steak Knives • One 8 in. Carving Knife • One 6 in. Utility Knife • One 8 in. Cook’s Knife • One 10 in. Serrated Slicer • One Kitchen Shears • One 10 in. Sharpening Steel • One Solid Oak Counter Block

For more information on Professional Cutlery Sets and Plastic Cutlery Sets please visit our website.

Kitchen Gadgets and Cooking Accessories for a Quick Meal

These days, with families busy working and constantly running around, many are interested in cooking nutritious meals in a short amount of time.  Between work, home, family, and leisure time, there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to make the kind of delicious, nutritious food you really want yourself and your family to eat. Luckily, you are able to invest in fantastic time-saving devices that enable you to prepare the healthy, great-tasting food you wish you had time for. You no longer need to spend hours in the kitchen using time you do not have, thanks to these handy devices.

Food Preparation Made Quick and Easy

One of the most time-consuming aspects of cooking is the preparation. Chopping, slicing, dicing, and peeling can take up a significant amount of time. If you have just come home from a long day at the office, preparing a meal is usually the last thing you feel like doing.

Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to solve this problem. For thin, uniformly even slices of your favorite vegetables and fruits, you can invest in an adjustable handheld mandoline slicer, perfect for any kitchen. Even the softest vegetables and fruits are no match for the sharp, durable blades, as you will be able to slice anything from tomatoes to soft cheeses quickly and easily. The thinnest of onion slices, made too quickly to even shed a tear over, make this item an absolute bargain.

Another great kitchen gadget to consider is the Chop Wizard, perfect for finely chopped vegetables and fruit. You can quickly chop onions, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, and most other vegetables into a fine dice in virtually seconds. There is no need for knives, and no danger to your fingers. Even cleaning up is fast and easy with this great product.

The Rotato Express is another must-have kitchen gadget that is great for peeling potatoes and other vegetables. This nifty gadget takes all the mess out of peeling potatoes while making it quick and easy to peel your potato to perfection. The Rotato will also peel apples and many other fruits and vegetables just as quickly. Even better, it peels so thinly that less of the food is wasted.

Slow Cookers

One of the best ways of saving time in your kitchen is by investing in a slow cooker. These fantastic, time-saving appliances make it easy to cook delicious, nutritious, and warming meals with almost no preparation needed. Sometimes, cooking soups and stews can be very time-intensive due to all of the necessary chopping, simmering, and waiting steps that need to be done. For the family that does not have much extra time to devote to food preparation, but wants to enjoy delicious meals, the slow cooker is the perfect solution. All you need to do to create mouth-watering soups, stews, and casseroles is simply add your vegetables, meats, and liquids, to the appliance before leaving for work or school. When you get home, your meal is completely done and ready to serve. This product is one hundred percent safe to leave on while no one is home. Grab yourself a copy of “101 Things to do with a Slow Cooker” to learn about other great meals that can be made in no time.

The Nuwave

If you want to provide your family with a meal such as a roast chicken and vegetables, or any other meal that your slow cooker might not be able to handle, consider investing in the Nuwave. The Nuwave is an amazing mini-cooker that allows you to cook a roast straight from the freezer in half the time of a conventional oven while using eighty-five percent less energy. The Nuwave can hold a chicken or turkey weighing up to sixteen pounds, enabling you to cook a delicious meal fast that can feed several hungry guests.

Emergency Baking

Sometimes, unexpected hungry guests will arrive at your home and you will have nothing to offer them. Luckily, there are products that allow you to whip up a sweet treat in a hurry, whether it is for dinner guests, for friends who drop by in the afternoon, or just when you feel like you need a quick sugar hit.

Certain brownie and scone baking mixes require the addition of just a few ingredients before needing to cook in the oven for less than ten minutes. These mixes are easily some of the most delicious baked goods that will ever come out of your oven! Consider investing in Nordic Ware covered baking pans for cooking pastries that you would find in a five-star bakery.  Each of the Nordic Ware pans come with snug-fitting plastic lids that enable easy transporting while delivering even heating from the natural aluminum material.

Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about cooking and other home products, often discussing particular types of items such as cooking accessories